Typically the licenses listed for the project are that of the project itself, and not of dependencies.

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Mozilla Public License

The Mozilla Public License v1.1

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Mozilla Public License

Mozilla is the custodian of the Mozilla Public License ("MPL"), an open source/free software license.

The current version of the license is MPL 1.1 (html | plain text). There is an annotated version to help you understand the license, and a FAQ to help you if you want to use or distribute code licensed under it.

We are currently updating the Mozilla Public License to version 2.0, and we would like your feedback. Please get involved!

New Source Code

Any new code checked into Mozilla's source repositories needs to comply with our source code licensing policy. Generally, this means using the Mozilla tri-license, which offers users the choice of the MPL, or the GNU Project's LGPL or GPL. Please use the appropriate license boilerplate text.

Existing Source Code

Some Mozilla projects have terms other than the MPL or tri-license. Detailed information on the licensing of our existing code can be found by inspecting the relevant source code, or by visiting the license information page in the relevant Mozilla software.

Historical Documents

We have retained various historical documents relating to the Mozilla and Netscape Public Licenses.

Other Mozilla Licensing Information

Not everything Mozilla produces is made available under the MPL. For information on how other things are licensed, including our trademarks and websites, see our general licensing information page.


If, after reading all the above carefully (particularly the FAQ) you have a further question about the MPL or the licensing terms of Mozilla project code, please send it to licensing@mozilla.org.